What is creatine?Know it’s benefits and side effects.

Creatine formula

barbellCreatine is one of the most popular supplements in the fitness society.It is the cheapest and the most effective supplement that is available in the market.

Most of the people don’t know that creatine is naturally produced in the body.It is produced naturally through amino acids in the body and mainly stored in muscles and in skeletal.

People who eat non-vegetarian food can get up to 1 gram of creatine every day through food.
But it is very hard for vegetarians to get it from food because creatine is highly present in non-vegetarian food.

But if you have any particular fitness related goal like gaining muscle or increasing strength or endurance level then you can add a supplement of creatine in your daily regime.

It increases you ATP(Adenosine triphosphate)level which is the fuel cell for explosive movements.
Your body will generate more ATP to be used for more explosive workouts.

While on creatine you will burn out little later than before and be able to lift more weights than before.
That’s mean if you are doing 5 reps before then you do additional 4-5 reps more after adding a supplement.



    It is the purest form of creatine.
    It doesn’t dissolve in water properly even after several minutes of stirring it doesn’t stay that way once you stop.
    You will find some pieces of it in your shaker after it’s empty.
    It gets dissolve in water properly than monohydrate.But it’s price gets higher because of the micronization process.The creatine particles will be micronized about 20 times more than the regular one.It does require a loading phase.
    Creatine ethyl ester has the same component as monohydrate and micronized.That’s mean it has the same benefit as monohydrate or micronized version.
    But the dosage requirement is low and the absorption rate is higher and there is no more bloating after taking it.
    It is a form of creatine which is bound with hydrochloric acid.It has a much greater solubility in water than any other forms.5 gram of Monohydrate requires 500 ml of water to maximize absorption whereas, the same amount of HCL requires 10 ml of water to maximize absorption.It is a highly concentrated form of creatine.You need less serving of this than the others forms.There is no loading phase in HCl.




    Before taking any type of supplement first, make sure your kidney function correctly.Creatine is one of the safest supplement that is available in the market.
    However, if you have any kidney related issues first resolve it before taking any type of supplement.Take a blood test to know that your kidney functions properly.
    Don’t exceed the amount of serving if you are taking it for the first time.Take around 5 gram for pre workout and 5 gram for a post workout.
    However, if you have any athletic goals or some serious muscle building goals you can add up to 20 grams of it a day.Only after the recommendation of your coach or your trainer.
    If you can’t drink a gallon of water a day.Sorry, then this supplement is not made for you.It sits in your muscles and draws water which will make you more dehydrated.
    That’s why it is must to drink up to 4-5 liters of water daily in order to get sufficient results.Mostly, people get side effects from creatine because they neglect water and give more focus on diet and supplements.
    Don’t take it for a longer period of time.Use it for 2-3 months then quit for 1 month.
    Combining creatine with whey protein will give you optimum results.



Creatine in meat

  1. Red meat (Beef, pork, lamb, goat) one pound of red meat contains 2 grams of creatine.
  2. Fish(Salmon, Tuna, sushi).
  3. Chicken
  4. Beans and milk(But it has a very low amount than red meat).





  1. It enhances brain function.
  2. Helps muscle cells to produce more energy.
  3. Improves high-intensity exercises.
  4. Improves athletic performance.
  5. An increase in muscle size.
  6. Lower blood sugar level and help fight diabetes.
  7. Reduce tiredness.
  8. Reduce age-related muscle loss.




Most healthy people don’t have any type of side effects from creatine.
Anything taken in recommended dosage doesn’t give you side effects.But if you use it in excess it will give you some side effects like:

  • Headache
  • Kidney problem
  • Nausea
  • Rash
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle cramps(due to drinking less water).
  • Dehydration




  •   Change in muscle size

    When you stop taking it the water stored in your muscle tissue will start to deplete.
    Which makes your muscles looks little smaller than before.
    Once the creatine leaves your system you will lose some kilo of weight which is mainly water weight. All the water weight you gained from it will begin to lost once you discontinue it.


  •  Change in strength

This will make you little demotivate, but once you stop using creatine your muscle strength will decline but not too much.
This is because when you are on creatine it increases your efficiency of using ATP the energy molecule within your muscle.
It will improve your gym performance and overall strength.

But if you are thinking that you will loose all your precious lean muscle mass then it’s not true.
You will definitely lose some strength but not lean muscle mass.Just make sure your diet will not change once you off from creatine.



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