What are Green tea advantages and disadvantages.

cup of green tea 2-Green tea advantages and disadvantages

A CUP OF GREEN TEA-Green tea advantages and disadvantages

Green Tea

I’m a fitness enthusiast and drinking green tea for several years.In this article, you will know what are green tea advantages and disadvantages.

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves.It doesn’t undergo the process of oxidation.
Oxidation is a process generally used to make black tea.

The reason I drink it because it is a healthier alternative to any other drinks other than water.

It is a smart swap for sugary drinks.It has been shown to improve the cholesterol level and blood flow.It also helps in preventing heart-related issues and high blood pressure.
What’s good for the heart is usually good for the brain.It also helps to keep blood sugar level stable in people with diabetes.
You know everything in moderation is good.Now I will tell you what are the Green tea advantages and disadvantages.

Green tea advantages and disadvantages.


          -> What are its Advantages:-


  • DIGESTIONIt improves digestion anyone who has a problem with pancreatic juice. It is very good for them.


  • IMMUNE SYSTEMIt improves your immune system but green tea alone cannot improve it.You have to add fruits and vegetables to your diet.You have to eat citrus fruits like Lemon, Kiwi, Oranges etc with it.


  • BLOOD FLOWAnyone who is at a risk of stroke can add green tea to their diet.Because green tea improves the blood flow in the body.


  • ANTI-CANCER PROPERTIESIt can prevent cancer development in Colon, Bladder, Prostate, Lungs, Skin, and Liver.


  • ANTI-CAVITYIt reduces cavity by preventing plaque building up in the tooth.Drink it after having any sugary meal to make it more effective.


  • BLOOD PRESSUREIt can lower your blood pressure but don’t drink it too much.Because it contains caffeine which can raise your blood pressure.It has caffeine around 2-4%.


              -> WHAT ARE ITS DISADVANTAGES :-


  • It has caffeine.Drinking too much can raise your blood pressure.


  • Don’t drink it at night otherwise, it can give you insomnia.


  • Study have shown that drinking a large amount of green tea every day can be dangerous for your kidney as well as your Liver.


  • People who have sensitive stomach should add milk and sugar to it.


  • Pregnant women will be advised to limit their intake of this tea or completely eliminate it from their diet.




You can have it after having your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
If you want to drink it at night choose the decaffeinated one.It has zero caffeine in it.




Green tea advantages and disadvantages.

Green tea

 Green Tea is not a miracle tea Without proper nutrition and exercises you can never loose weight.
It only works if you follow a good nutrition plan and do regular exercise.You read what are green tea advantages and disadvantages.

If you eating junk all day and expect to lose a kilo you are fooling yourself.
one cup of Green tea a day will not give you all the abundant gains.

Some say one cup a day some says two cups while others say six-seven cups a day.

if you are serious about losing weight you may want to consider taking a green tea supplement instead.

If you wish you can learn more about Green tea advantages and disadvantages here.

Another thing to point out is that there is caffeine in green tea.
So it is not advisable to drink at night otherwise it can disturbed your sleep.

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