Should you Wear Gym gloves ?

Gym gloves

Some people may found gym gloves to be useful, while some other may think it is not.However, I wear gloves when I first join the gym to avoid calluses.

Calluses is a thickened part of the skin which develops after heavy lifting.But after several months of lifting weights while wearing gloves, I still develop calluses.

So it is total up to you to wear gloves while lifting or not.It doesn’t make much difference.

But consider there will be always some pros and cons of everything and it has too.



Pros of Gym gloves


  • It provides you a better grip
    While training you will surely get sweaty palms which will affect your grip and the weights can slip out of your hands.
    If you are lifting heavy and the weights slip out of your hands it will cause some serious injury.
    To prevent such injuries use weight lifting gloves while workout to improve your grip and make your workout safer while lifting heavy weights.


  • Protects your wrist
    Gym gloves 3

    There are some gloves available in the market which include wrist support which protects your wrist while doing pull ups, push ups and lifting heavy weights.
    It comes with a strap which will strongly hold your wrist and make you more comfortable with heavy weights.
    These types of gloves provide you some extra support in the gym and prevent some serious wrist injury while workout.


  • Decrease Pressure

    If you are doing basic exercises like pull ups, push ups or lifting heavy weights doesn’t matter, there will always pressure placed on your hands, which stops you from reaching your full potential.
    Gym gloves relieve that pressure placed on your hand and allow you to workout more efficiently.It increases overall pressure capacity that placed on your hands.


  • Calluses

    Anyone who is working out whether in the gym or in outdoors for a long time, Must face hardening of the hands which will cause lots of discomforts while working out.
    This hardening of the skin called calluses.
    If you are wearing good quality gloves then all the pressure will divide on the entire palm which will protect your hand from calluses.


Cons of gym gloves


  • Lower your performance
    Gym gloves 6

    Ya it’s true gloves can improve your grip, but it also hinders your ability to grip the weights too.
    The thickness of gloves prevents you from being able to grip the weights more firmly.
    If you are using a thick bar then it will be difficult to maintain a good grip on it while wearing gloves because it will add an additional thick layer on the bar.


  • It creates dependency
    Gym gloves 7
    If you are working out for a long time using lifting gloves, then it will be difficult for you to comfortably lift the weight without using gloves.
    When you stop using gloves and start lifting weights with your bare hands you will feel pain and calluses in your hands.


  • It’s Expensive
    Gym gloves 9
    If you are thinking of using cheap lifting gloves then you are just wasting your money because these cheap gloves are made from cheap materials which have a relatively shorter service life.
    Most of these gloves can get tear very easily due to constant rubbing of gloves on the bar and the weights on your gloves.
    So it is wise to invest money in good quality gloves (which are expensive) which can last longer than the cheap ones.


Should you use them or not


Gym glove 97

It all depends on you if you are comfortable working out without the use of gloves then go on.

If calluses and blisters hindering your performance while lifting then start using good quality gloves.

If you are living in a cold climate then you should wear lifting gloves because no one wants to lift iron rod in cold climate.

Some people don’t mind having rough hands while others don’t like that cheese graters hand.

Most important are technique if you are using gloves or not doesn’t matter if you are using a good technique or form while lifting weights then there will be very fewer chances of having an injury.



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