Do you really need a gym supporter while working out?

Gym supporter

First of all, I will share my experience with gym supporter.When I first join the gym my friends who already doing gym for a long time told me to wear gym supporter or else I will get a hernia.

So after using gym supporter for several months, I started feeling very discomfort in my genital areas like itchiness or redness.

Then I ask my trainer to wear supporter or not and he says, that it is not necessary to wear it while working out it’s all myth that if you don’t wear supporter you get a hernia.


 First, know what is a hernia? 

A hernia occurs when you have a weak abdominal wall and you are lifting heavy weights with improper lifting techniques, through that pressure the intestines will come out through the weakened area in the abdominal wall, mostly through the groin.


Gym supporter necessary or not


No, it is not necessary to wear supporter while lifting weights but keep in mind that.When you lift heavy weights it will put pressure on your stomach.

So if you have a weak stomach wall then there will be a greater chance that you will develop a hernia.

When you lift heavy weights with weaker core muscles then there will so much pressure will be placed on your intestines which cause a hernia.

If you have stronger core muscles then wearing it or not doesn’t affect you but if you have weak abdominal muscles you should wear it and start workout to strengthen your weaker core muscles.

Also, keep in mind that problems only occurs when your lifting technique is poor or you are doing mostly incorrect forms while lifting heavy weights or doing major exercises like squats, deadlift, or overhead dumb bell press etc.


How to prevent a hernia while doing gym.


  • First, warm up before doing any type of exercises it will prepare your body for exercise and increase blood flow to the muscles which decreases any chance of getting an injury.


  • Start strengthening your core muscles a weaker core muscle is a major cause of a hernia.

    Do more abs exercises like crunches, leg raises, planks etc which is a great strength building exercises for abdominal muscles.


  • Always use proper techniques and use good forms use your knees while lifting heavy and keep your back straight.


  • Maintain a healthy body weight.


  • Newbies, always use light weight at first and slowly gradually increase the weight do in small increments.Don’t copy the strongest guys in the gym.


  • Breathe properly because when you breathe your stomach will contract.Inhale when you lowering the bar to your chest and exhale while pushing it.


  • Stop smoking, yes you heard it right smoking will increase your chances of getting a hernia.It can weaken your abdominal muscles which can make you more prone to further injuries.


  • Keep your stomach clean,  if you are constipated for several days it can put a lot of strain and pressure on your abdominal wall which can result in cracking the abdominal wall. 

    To keep your stomach clean drink a gallon of water every day and include more fibers in your diet.

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