Is knee braces or sleeves good for sports.

Knee support

Knee pain is not fun and it is probably the worst type of pain for anyone.That’s why we use knee support to prevent any type of knee injury from occurring further.But a knee support should not be used in the long term because if you wear it daily it can weaken up your knee muscle.

Also, keep in mind that not to use knee support for a long time.
One should use knee support temporary just to treat the damaged knee and after that, it is not
necessary to wear it.

It is always advisable for everyone, if you hurt or injured your knee it is best to see your physiotherapist first, which prescribed you what type of knee support and exercises you should use to strengthen your knee muscles.Knee injuries are very common in any type of sports.

From athletes to a normal person, everyone faces some type of knee injuries or pain in their lifetime.It is a major problem for any athlete or for any sports person.If you are in a sport where heavy lifting is required like body building or power lifting then there must be higher chances that you may get your knee injured.

To prevent any type of knee injuries in future or want to decrease the chances of reinjuring the hurt knee.You can choose a variety of knee support like knee sleeves, braces, strap, band, and wraps according to your situation.It can be for sports, post-surgery or for pain reduction in your joints.

(If you are facing any chronic knee pain then it is better to take advice from your healthcare provider in order to improve your knee health.)


Types of Knee Support


Knee Sleeves


Knee Sleeves health nation

Knee sleeve is made from neoprene material which is very flexible in nature and very easy to wear.It is generally used to reduce mild to moderate knee pain or swelling of the knee and it is also a very good option for people who are suffering from arthritis.

These sleeves redistribute the weight from your knee which is very helpful in minimizing the knee pain from daily activities.
The best thing about knee sleeves is you can wear it under your clothing.

If you are already injured or want to protect your injured knee from further damage use knee sleeves because it is basically designed to protect the knee which is already injured.It reduces pain in your knee by providing sufficient amount of blood flow to your joints.

Even if you don’t workout or doing any day to day activities you can still wear it.

For people who are new in any kind of sport which requires lifting heavy weights from the ground such as bodybuilding or powerlifting, it is suggested to not use any knee protection.
Because in the beginning, you should work more on your technique and forms rather than lifting heavy weights.

Sleeves are very helpful in high impact sports like:

  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic lifting
  • Basketball
  • CrossFit

Knee Straps


Knee straps health nation


Knee straps are generally used to treat runners knee or acute knee pain it provides full mobility to the knee.
It supports your knee by providing effective pressure on your knee and supports the knee cap.
You can wear knee strap just above or below your knee according to your comforts.Knee strap is cheaper, affordable and risk-free.

Its main function is to take off the stress from the sore area and reduce pressure and pain from it.
For best results wear it on the stress area to reduce the pain.

The main problem in this strap is that it doesn’t give any significant effects on the knee there are high chances of them to be worn out.

Straps are mainly used for:

  • Patella tendonitis
  • Runner’s knee
  • Chondromalacia
  • IT band friction syndrome


Hinged Braces


Knee Braces health nation

A hinged brace is best for athletes and sportsperson who needs more protection and stabilization after the knee injury.
Athletes may have many types of knee injuries like a poor knee to ankle alignment or some bad twist in the knee or wrong landing to the ground etc.

It provides protection to the knee and delivers good support and stability to it.

As a result it will reduce the pain and pressure while moving but it will limit the movement of the knee.

People who are suffering from arthritis can get many benefits from hinged braces.

However, make sure that your knee braces will be of a right size and fit properly on your knee.
It is better to use it only after consulting your healthcare provider.

Two types of hinged braces:

  • Rigid braces- It is ideal for moderate to maximum support and offers better protection.
  • Soft Hinged- It is ideal for mild to moderate support only.


Knee Wrap


Knee Wraps Health nation


Knee wrap is very simple to wear and allow you to customize the fit according to your comfort level.It is mostly used by athletes, Powerlifters, and bodybuilders when they are lifting very heavy weights above their heads.These wraps are designed to be wrapped around the knee to provides maximum support while lifting.It allows you to focus more on your performance and helps you to lift more weights.

Now the question is how it will help you lifting heavy weight? When you go down while doing squats the knee wrap will store a high amount of elastic energy because of the tightness which will get released when you lifts the weight up.But it is not advisable to use knee wrap unless you are a Powerlifter or playing any competitive sport like bodybuilding.

Knee wraps mainly used for:

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