Foods for a High Libido

Sexual health

The quality of your nutritional health will absolutely impact the quality of your libido.

Most of all eat a balanced diet and do exercise in order to enhance your sexual life and improves your sexual stamina.

But keep in mind that there’s no magical food in the world that will improve your sex life overnight.

It takes time and patience to improve it, you have to eat a clean and a healthy diet every day in order to see results.


Foods for High Libido



Spinach for good sex

Spinach contains a high amount of zinc and folic acid which is very important for your hormone level as well as for your sexual health also.

A high amount of magnesium in spinach helps in decreasing inflammation in the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the body.

Women and Men both will be benefited from spinach although it is good for everyone looking for a healthy body.

Add 1 cup of spinach every day in your meal, you can add it to your salads or make a spinach smoothie.

Eating raw or steamed spinach will be very beneficial hence it preserved most of the nutrients in it.


Basil Leaves

Basil for healthy sex and mind

Basil leaves also known as “Tulsi” is a very powerful leaf containing anti-inflammatory properties

It reduces swelling in the body and improves the blood circulation in the body.

People having any mental health issue such as poor memory, depression and concentration problems can be benefited from this leave.

Use basil leaves as garnishing on your food or you can add it to smoothies, cereals, salads, and oats.

People with weak erection or erectile dysfunction must add this powerful leaves in their daily meals.

It also good for curing infertility and increasing sperm count.



watermelons for better erections

Watermelon is a seasonal fruit and it is mostly available during summers.

Many researchers say that it act as a natural Viagra because of the nutrients available in watermelons

Such as citrulline, lycopene, and beta-carotene which has a positive effect on your libido.

It relaxes your blood vessels naturally and helps to create more nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels and increases the blood flow in your veins which prevents plaque growth and blood clotting.


Sweet potato

Sweet potato for healthy sex

Sweet potato is less starchy than white potatoes but that doesn’t mean white one is bad.

They are rich in potassium which helps your kidney to get rid of the excess level of sodium.

Low level of sodium means low chances of having high blood pressure which is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

This red potato contains a high amount of beta-carotene which your body turns into vitamin A.

Many studies prove that vitamin A increases your sperm production and keeps women vagina and uterus in a great shape.


Dairy Products

Dairy for healthy labido

Eat more yogurt, butter and drink whole milk to improve your libido.

Dairy contains a good amount of fatty acids and many other types of naturally occurring fatty acids such as CLA.

Do not consume processed dairy such as flavored yogurt or other types of the company made dairy products.

Milk, yogurt, and cheese contain a good amount of vitamin B which increases the sperm count in men.

If you are suffering from low sperm count add some honey to your milk for making it more effective.



Garlic for good sex

Garlic is a great libido booster for both men and women.Eat about 1-2 cloves of it daily for a healthy libido.

An ingredient in garlic called niacin improves the blood flow in the body and opens up the blood vessels.

The heat in garlic will increase up your libido and make you get ready for the performance with your partner.

To increase the efficiency of garlic eat it in raw form.You may also take any garlic supplement if you don’t like to eat raw garlic.



Eggs for sexual stamina

Eggs is a perfect breakfast option for any person it is packed with a high amount of protein and vitamins in it.

They are high in protein and fatty acids which are very good for people who wants to improve their sexual stamina.

It contains amino acids called L-arginine which decreases the risk of developing heart problems and erectile dysfunction.

Because of its high vitamins B-6 and B-5 components they help in balancing the hormonal levels and lower stress level.

Healthy levels of hormones and a low level of stress will automatically improve your libido.

Eggs are the symbol of fertility.



Pomegranate Libido booster

Pomegranates are great for sexual well-being and they also act as a natural Viagra.

These red jewels contain a high amount of iron, vitamin A, C, and E and also fills with lots of antioxidants.

Because of its high minerals and vitamins contents, they are very good for heart health.

Pomegranate juice are very good for improving sperm counts in men it also helps in lowering the blood pressure.

you can eat it or drink the pomegranate juice or you can add it to your smoothies.

Studies show that drinking one glass of pomegranate juice every day will increase the testosterone production in men.



Bananas for good sex

Bananas are a great source of potassium and B vitamins which increases the body energy levels.

It contains bromelain enzyme which reverses impotency in men and believed to increase libido and testosterone level in men’s.

A large amount of potassium in bananas are very helpful in eliminating the excess level of sodium from the body.

A high amount of sodium in the body means a high chance of having high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.Eat about two bananas a day.


Red meat

Red meat for great sex
Red meat is a very good source of zinc, iron, vitamin-B, and protein which is very good for your testosterone levels.

Eating meat will improve your hormonal levels and support a healthy immune system and improves the quality of sperm.

But don’t overeat the red meat because it contains a high amount of fat and cholesterol in it which increase your body fat percentage.

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