How to lose weight fast naturally.

Lose weight fast naturally.

There are so many people who want to lose weight fast naturally.Most of them want to lose weight
without doing any exercise or consuming any healthy foods.But it doesn’t possible to lose weight
without doing exercise or eating junk foods on a regular basis.

Only a few people can achieve their weight loss goals naturally.Because there are lot’s of information are available on
weight loss on the internet that guaranteed you that you can lose weight fast naturally in a week or a month.
But consider one thing that what works for other’s doesn’t mean it will work for you also.

However, there are several natural ways that help you in your weight loss goals and gives you long time weight loss if you follow it right.

Here are some tips and information that helps you in lose weight fast naturally.

  1. Consume less to no these 3 things.

  • Sugar
    Avoid sugar for weight loss

    It includes refined and processed sugars which are completely bad for your health.There are mainly two types of sugars.

    Complex sugars = Complex carbohydrates.

    Complex sugars or carbs are healthier than simple sugars.There will be less to no chances of having any health issues if you are consuming complex carbs and also they takes a long time to break down in our body.It is a healthier substitute for white sugar.

    Foods containing a good amount of complex sugars or carbs are:


    -Fiber-rich fruits. such as(Apples, berries, and bananas).



    Simple sugars = Simple carbohydrates

    Simple sugars are completely opposite to complex one.They are hazardous to your health because they can be broken down by your body very easily, Which provides a quick burst of energy for a shorter period of time and then boom back to normal levels.

    There’s is no traces of any vitamins and minerals in it but only have empty calories.

    Disadvantages of this type of sugar.

    -Suppress your immune system.

    -Promotes inflammation.

    -Suppresses the release of human growth hormone (HGH).

    -Raises insulin levels.

    Foods contain simple sugars are:

    1. Sodas

    2. Cookies

    3. Ready to eat cereal

    4. Packed juices

    5. White sugar

  •       Sodium
    Low sodium for weight loss

    No food is complete without salt it adds additional flavor to the food.But do you know it also acts as an enemy to you weight loss goals.Sodium adds flavor to the food which can make you eat more and add another few kgs to your body weight.

    Your body needs sodium to maintain the balance of fluid in your body.But if you consume too much sodium it holds water in your body which adds some kgs more quickly.
    When you cut down sodium from your diet you will see some quick reduction in your weight which is mostly water weight.Don’t mix it with fat loss because cutting down on sodium reduces only water weight, not fat.Sodium doesn’t have any calories.

    Fat mainly comes from consuming an excess of calories daily than recommended.

    So it is wise to add some little sodium to your diet which is considered healthy.Consume approximately 1200-1500 mg of sodium a day for adults.

  • White Rice

    White rice for weight loss

    There’s a lot of confusion between white and brown rice.So here’s the answer to your question,
    Brown and white rice both are a very good source of carbohydrates which are essential for lasting energy.
    But there’s one key nutrient is missing in white rice that is dietary fibers which are a very important nutrient for weight or fat loss.

    White rice won’t keep you fuller for a long time after having your last meal,
    So you are more likely to overeat the food which makes your weight loss goal more difficult.
    It digests quicker than brown rice and also raises your blood sugars level.

    Brown rice is a whole grain food it contains all its vitamins and minerals and dietary fibers in it which make it a healthier option.

    Whereas, white rice isn’t a very good choice because it is more refined and processed than the brown one.

    All its bran and endosperm which contains all the minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers are removed which makes it lesser healthier
    option than the brown one.

    White rice digested and absorb more quickly which raise your blood sugars level very fastly and spike your insulin levels which promote fat storage during weight loss and makes difficult to lose weight fast naturally.

    White rice also a good choice as long as you are eating it in a proportionate amount doing exercise and reducing your calorie intake.

          2. Water
Drink water for weight loss

  • Mostly people doing everything right to achieve their weight loss goal from eating clean to exercise daily.But the most important thing they neglect on a regular basis is to hydrate themselves properly before next workout.One should drink at least 4-5 liters of water a day.Drinking water will reduce your risk of weight gain because
    water doesn’t contain any calories in it.So when you replace sugary beverages with water your calorie intake gradually decreases.

    Also, if you want to shed off your water weight from your body you must drink more water.

    Yes, you heard it right because when you don’t hydrate yourself properly your body tends to hold more water to prevent water levels from becoming too low.

       3. High protein and low carbs

High protein food promote weight loss.

  • Protein is an important building block of muscles, bones, skin, and blood.
    When you are on a high protein and a low carb diet your body works under ketosis.Ketosis is a state when your body uses fat as a primary source of energy rather than carbohydrates.

    These type of diet are very effective to lose weight fast naturally and are not recommended to follow in a long run.
    Protein changes the level of your weight-regulating hormones.It boosts up your metabolism and increases the number of
    calories burned.You will burn calories even when you are sleeping.Most noteworthy, Ask your doctor before adding more protein into your diet or else your kidneys will pay the price.

Exercise for good health.
  • No matter how clean you eat if you don’t exercise you will never conquer your weight loss goals.In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume per day.And for that, you must lift some weights in the gym for 3-4 times a week.When you do weight training your body burns more calories and it also prevents your metabolism from slowing down.

    Strength training will increase your muscle mass which increases your metabolism which means you burn fat 24 hours.If you don’t want to go to the gym or don’t want to lift weights you can also do
    some cardio on a daily basis like Jogging, swimming, brisk walk, aerobics, and many others.Exercise is great when you want to lose weight fast naturally.

    Most of all, Do exercise, not just for weight loss or muscle gains do it for your body and brain health.

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