Multivitamins Tablets

Multivitamins now become very important for everyone because a large number of the population are in nutrient deficit.The diet of Indian people mostly consists of macronutrients which consist protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

First of all, the majority of people didn’t eat a well-balanced diet each and every day.Mainly Indian diet is high in carbohydrates and low in protein and good fats.Which means people consume more macronutrients than micronutrients.Micronutrients are as important as macronutrients.

But today peoples have a very busy life schedule to consume a variety of foods every day.That’s why we have to include a multivitamin supplement in our diet to reach the daily limits of minerals and vitamins every day.

Multivitamins come in various forms such as chewing tablets or plain ones, or in liquid forms also.It’s all up to you which one you like the most.




  • Fat soluble vitamins = It is get dissolved with lipid or fat.Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, K.These are fat soluble vitamins which stay in our body for a very longer period of time and stored in your muscle tissue.
    (They can get toxic because they stay on your system for a very long period of time.)Don’t overdose your fat soluble vitamins it can cause toxicity.

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  • Water soluble vitamins = Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C and vitamin B.
    Water soluble vitamins are not as toxic as fat soluble because it doesn’t store in your fat and muscles.
    If you overdose your water soluble vitamins they can be excreted through urine.
    That’s why you need these vitamins on a regular base.



Multivitamin is a micronutrient.It contains all the essential and important nutrients from vitamin AtoZ. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals.It is just like you need protein, carbohydrates, and fats for your energy level and muscles.

Vitamins and minerals are very important for your skin, nails, hair, eyes and for your internal organs.

Micronutrients are essential for growth, digestion, and our nervous system functioning.

  • For your immune system, you need vitamin C.
  • For antioxidant, you need vitamin A.
  • You need beta carotene, for healthy eyes.
  • You need calcium, for healthy bones.

No one can get all the nutrients and minerals from food every day.

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  • Take multivitamins in morning with your breakfast because at that time your absorption rate is higher.
    Which mean you can better absorb the vitamins and minerals then later in the day.


  • You can purchase any brand of multivitamins which contains vitamins and minerals.All the multivitamins are pretty much same.Don’t fall into this product marketing trap.


  • It has no side effects.If you do training or not doesn’t matter.You need vitamins and minerals every day to function properly.


  • If you eating a well-balanced diet every day then it is not necessary to add multivitamins.
    Because you are consuming all your vitamins and minerals through food.


  • Any person of any age can use multivitamins.If you are male or female, young or old doesn’t matter you can add multivitamin in your diet.



  • There are many types of multivitamins available in the market.Like for kids, for adults or for athletes and sportsperson.
    There are so many types of brands available in the market.It’s all up to you in which category you fall.
  • If you are a normal person who just wants to get fit then there is no need to take multivitamins with very high dosages. 
  • Athletes, body builders or any other person who are in sports can take multivitamins with higher dosages due to their high level of physical activity.
    They are professionals their requirements is different from a regular person. 
  • Multivitamins are available in many forms such as in Liquid, tablets or in powder forms.
    All of them are pretty much same as a result they all provide the same benefits to you. 
  • Brand matters don’t buy supplement because it is cheap.If you are buying cheap supplements then you are surely buying cheap ingredients. 
  • Buy quality supplement not the most expensive supplement on the market.Do some research before buying it. 
  • The best supplements come under the range of 500-1000 rs.


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