Olive Oil

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the best oil available in the market.It is made from the fruit of the olive tree and it is been cultivated for hundreds of years.It is generally a liquid fat which is made by pressing fresh olives and it is mainly made in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

You can use this oil in cooking, dressing, baking, and salad topping.You can use it almost in everything and it is available all around the year.There are two types of it which are pure or light olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin Olive oil

  • It is the highest quality oil with the best flavor.
  • It’s dark in color than light olive oil.
  • Generally not for cooking, frying or baking purposes.
  • It is used as salad dressing or pizza topping etc.
  • Use it only for toppings.
  • Any food which is already cooked you can add this oil to it.
  • It has a fruity or bitter taste.
  • It is expensive than light or pure olive oil.


Light Olive oil (or Pure olive oil)

  • Pure olive oil is lighter in color than extra virgin olive oil.
  • You can do cooking, frying, baking etc with it.
  • Any food or vegetable you wanna cook then use pure olive oil.
  • Lower in quality than extra virgin oil.
  • Have a neutral flavor.
  • It is all-purpose cooking oil.
  • Light doesn’t mean lower in calories it means light in taste.
  • It has a high smoke point.




  1. Reduces risk of type-2 diabetes:
    It contains a high amount of healthy fats which protect you from diseases like type-2 diabetes by improving your blood sugar level and blood lipid levels.
  2. Improves heart health:
    Diet rich in olive oil may improve your heart health.It improves your arteries which help your heart to work at full potential.It lowers your total cholesterol level and triglycerides and improves your good cholesterol.
  3. Protect you from depression:
    A Higher amount of good fats like polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat may improve your emotional health.Higher intake of olive oil may protect you from mental illness and lower your risk of depression.
  4. Improves skin:
    If you want to improve the quality of your skin then you must add this oil to your diet.It improves your skin health and skin elasticity.
  5. Antioxidants:
    Olive oil contains a good amount of antioxidants.Antioxidant may help you fighting against several dangerous diseases.
  6. Anti-cancer properties:
    Antioxidants in olive oil may reduce the damage due to free radicals which are considered to be a threat and may increase the risk of cancer.
  7. Anti-bacterial properties:
    The extra virgin oil contains nutrients which kill harmful bacterias in your body.A bacteria which causes stomach ulcer and stomach cancer.
  8. Improves bone health:
    It’s another benefit is it improve the amount of calcium in the blood which improves your overall bone health and bone density.


Nutrition Facts

Amount per 100 grams =  Calories 880

Polyunsaturated Fat = 10 g
Monounsaturated Fat = 74 g

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