Is Weight lifting belt helpful

Weight lifting belt

Most people who are doing gym or playing any other sports which require heavy lifting think that wearing a weight lifting belt will decrease their chances of having any type of injuries while lifting weights.

Is it true? Maybe, It depends on each individual goal, A weightlifting belt or a gym belt whatever you say it is only helping you by stabilizing your back and core muscles so that you can generate more intra-abdominal pressure while working out.
It is a tool which increases your current level of strength and not a safeguard against injuries.


Who should wear this


People who have weak abdominal muscles must use exercise belt or lifting belt while lifting heavy weight because a weaker abdominal muscle will make you more prone to lower back injuries.If you have a stronger abdominal wall then you don’t need these belts because core muscles will provide plenty of support to your spine so if you have weaker core start strengthening it.


For a regular guy who is lifting weights moderately it is not necessary but if you are in any type of sport which requires heavy lifting like powerlifting then it might better for you to wear a weightlifting belt.


Don’t use it if you are a beginner.If you are new in bodybuilding or in any other sport which requires heavy lifting from the grounds don’t use it from the day one.Slowly and gradually build your overall body and core strength and when you came up at a point where you reach your 90% then start using these belts just for safety.


What a weight lifting belt might do


A weight lifting belt will increase your intra-abdominal force or pressure which mean it increases the pressure in the abdomen area, which stabilizes the whole area and makes a safe environment for the spine and increases your current level of strength.

It doesn’t make your lower back or core area any stronger.It can only help to stabilize the torso and keep the lumbar spine from bending.The reason why you should wear lifting belts is to keep your core as tight as possible but don’t rely upon lifting belts to do lifts.

Wearing a tight belt before lifting reduces spine loading which is generally caused by moment generated by the belt instead of intra-abdominal pressure.


Types of weightlifting belts


Powerlifting belts

Weight lifting belt

  • Made from high-quality leather.
  • This belt is specifically designed for the sport of powerlifting.
  • It covers more surface area of your core in contact with the belt.
  • It generates more pressure which means more stability and more stability means more weights.
  • Generate a high amount of intra-abdominal pressure.


Velcro belts

Weight Lifting Belt 2

  • It is generally made from synthetic material.
  • There’s a limit in velcro belt only a limited amount of force can be exerted against it.If the pressure increases then it simply gets loose.
  • They generate very less amount of intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Doesn’t improve your level of performance.


Bodybuilding belts

Weight lifting belt 3

  • These belts are generally better than velcro belts but not more than powerlifting belts.
  • It is made of leather and is thicker in the back than in the front.
  • They buckled in the same way as powerlifting belt but not strong as them.
  • Generate less intra-abdominal pressure than the powerlifting belt.



  • It generates pressure in your abdomen during heavy lifting and keep your core as tight as possible and make a safer environment for the spine.
  • Protect your spine from collapsing if you are lifting heavy weights.
  • Wear a belt if you want to break through a plateau.



  • Don’t rely on the belt too much or your lower back will become weaker because it takes most of the stress off from your lower back.
  • Your lower back won’t work as it used to be when you are wearing a belt.
  • Your lower back will be less capable of handling the load if you wear weight lifting belt too often.


If you want to build your lower back strength then start using lighter weights and once you start seeing the progress then increase the weight according to your strength level.Never copy your gym fellows while lifting weights it can only lead you to further injuries.

Lastly, I say weight lifting belts is useful but it is not mandatory.Don’t rely on the belt too much while lifting heavy weights.

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